Some flash help

2008-12-23 23:27:56 by alhanelem

I need some help, i weant to know how to make something in flash, such as the programs, the steps and tips.
also dont tell me to go to the flash tutorials, i did, and they were no help at all becuz many of them didnt make any sense 2 me.


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2008-12-24 00:08:00

Take a flash class at a community college... they have night classes somewhere!

alhanelem responds:

firstly, im in austrlia and that means money, secondly, we dont have colleges we have somthing called TAFE and thirdly U hav to be 16+ to enter TAFE, (im 15).


2008-12-27 00:55:44

There are alot of flash tutorials on this sight and on google as well, I'm a noob at flash and they've been helping me greatly you should try it out.

alhanelem responds:

ive tried the tutorials
and now check out my flash


2009-05-22 04:20:26

lawl. i know how to solve your problems^^