out of ideas.........

2009-01-09 03:09:52 by alhanelem

well i have no ideas on wat 2 do now, dont know if i should make somthing in flash.
anyway heres a comic 4 ur amusement.

and again this isnt a comic by me, but by vgcats

out of ideas.........


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2009-01-13 03:08:18

incase ur eyes r as bad as mine the speech bubbles say:
prof. Oak: Welcome to the world of POKEMON! Im professor, Oak.
I study pokemon.
But first one thing.
Are you a BOY or a GIRL?
....A Giiirl?


2009-03-21 03:11:11

Random much?
i've seen this before...
stop taking credit for other peoples work!

anywayz... whats up?^^

alhanelem responds:

i got bored, Dont JUDGE ME!!!


2009-03-21 03:27:47

im not judging you, im simply just stating the obvious^^